Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brilliant Doga Covers by Manu

Some Beautiful Doga Covers, that I tried to upload with yesterday's post but was unable to do so, I am trying again to upload them here. I know it's not a Doga Fan Blog, so wont be flooding it with more Doga Stuff. Will be writing something on unknown or long forgotten Indian Comic Books Characters soon. Till then enjoy these covers by Manu.


  1. Apologies Alok ji! But I do not think any of these are by Manu (Edison George). Kindly ensure. These drawings do try to be like those of Manu, but they lack the dynamism Manu had in his poses and compositions.

    Apologies again,


  2. Dear Sami,

    These covers are done very much by Manu (Edison George)... And I feel they are quite dynamic.
    No need for any apologies.


  3. Does anyone know where our beloved respected artist is? are they on any social sites? is there any means to communicate ? I really wish to thank this great man for such beautiful illutrations which made my childhood so memorable, enjoyable and awesomely great. Please, anyone, share the information if you know.

    one the many millions of fans of Artist MANU (Edison George)

  4. He is in Kerla. Place unknown... working on some special comic art work.